Archinstall Issue

Archinstall Issue

I had an older laptop that I've been neglecting to reinstall Arch Linux on, and I came across the new Arch Installer (archinstall). So I decided to try it out.

I used the ArchLinux liveCD (About 2-3 months old) and booted it up. Since my LiveCD was not a newer one, archinstall was not available at default. So I updated the repo's with pacman -Sy and lo-and-behold I could install it with pacamn -S archinstall.

I ran archinstall guided to get a feel for it and I made it to the partitioning scheme. At which point, archinstall quit stating...

"ArchInstall currently only supports machines booted with UEFI. MBR & GRUB support is coming in version 2.2.0!"


So I decided to checkout their Github project to see where they're at and I found

Legacy Support was closed! Okay, wait. Lets go look at it....

Whoooooo, it's in master and should be completed. Lets check it out (literally w/ git).

git clone
cd archlinux

cool we got master, now lets install the requirements..... python install

Now we can run this with python. python -m archinstall guided

I followed the prompt and this time it didn't complain about MBR. So cool lets select the default partitioning scheme.


Great, all config items are set, now let it rip,

Error: New partition never showed up after adding new partition on /dev/sda (timeout 10 seconds).

What!? - Okay maybe it's a fluke, lets run it again.

Same error....

Okay.... well lets look at /dev/sda. There's a partition there but that's from the OS I'm trying to write over.... well lets remove it since it'll be overwritten anyway.. and verify it's removed

#|-> /dev/sda1

parted /dev/sda rm 1


Now lets run python -m archinstall guided again...

Everything completes. Yay! Time to go report this to the archinstall folks.

And I did. Here

So, if there is a will, there's a way!
Thanks for reading!

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